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PAPERSUN Hotel Joining

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From 14th December 2020
Papersun HOTEL responded to the government’s call to cooperate with Taipei City Government to be a quarantine hotel starting from December 14, 2020. We provide safe, comfortable and warm environment for quarantine guest.

Papersun HOTEL adopted the strictest standards of disinfection and protection to provide guests with safest environment. Enable to cooperate with government, all safety measure had been strictly guided and supervised by the Taipei City Department of Health. All staff were trained hours for epidemic prevention and disinfection process and we implemented “zero contact” procedure to reduce any chance of cross infection. All meals are provided with disposable tableware and all trash is disposed by government’s professional technical personnel of waste treatment.

Hotel rooms are equipped with independent air conditioning, balcony, openable windows and no carpet.
All Rooms are provided free in-room WIFI, 24-hour front desk and concierge service allow us to provide guest a safe and comfortable 2-weeks quarantine experience.
Papersun HOTEL Self-Isolated Package offers from NT$ 3,800 / night including breakfast, lunch, dinner, tax and service fee (Government Subsidy of NT$ 800/night for ROC Nationals guests till 30th June 2021) .
Papersun Hotel Self-Isolated Package Guidelines & Emphasis
Hotel Disinfection Actions:
  • All in-room items are disinfected according to different material standard procedures stipulated by the government.
  • After a passenger has checked out, the room will be out of service at least 72 hours for deep disinfection before the next guest arrived.
  • During Check In, guest will be hosted one by one, and will only services the next guest after all the elevators and passage are fully disinfected.
  • Hotel execute full disinfection of hotel public areas every 2 hours
  • To avoid cross-infection, receptionist and housekeeping staff use one-time disposable masks, gloves, and protective clothing.
  • All trash from guestroom is collected daily by Environmental Protection Administration Class A waste removal and disposal agencies.
Number of Nights & Pricing:
  • According to Taiwan Disease Control Centers, all guests arrived Taiwan need to undergo 14 days quarantine starting one day after the arrival date. Therefore, a total of 15 nights is required.
  • The exact number of stay will be according to “COVID-19 Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice” form that guest filled at the airport.
  • NT$3,800 / night (including breakfast, lunch, dinner, taxes, service charge).
  • Government Subsidy of NT$800/night (limited to Taiwanese nationals and permanent residency holders) from 1st January  to 30th June 2021. 
  • Government Subsidy will be deducted from invoice after receiving all necessary document from the guest after Check In.
Room Type & Rate:
Room Type
Paper Room
Standard Room King & Twin Beds availiable
Paper Room Balcony
Standard Room King & Twin Beds availiable
Sun Room
Deluxe Room King & Twin Beds availiable
Family Room
Connecting Room King Beds
Description 20 Square Meters 
(3meals FREE)
20 Square Meters 
(3meals FREE)
24 Square Meters 
(3meals FREE)
40 Square Meters 
(3meals FREE for 2)
Room Rate not available not available TWD $4,500 not available
Room Rate 
Room Rate with ROC Nationals 【subsidise till 2022.06.30】
not available not available TWD $3,000 and up not available

Payment Method:
  • The guest’s own credit card (quarantine guests cannot pay in cash)
  • Third party – pre-payment of full amount at Papersun Hotel Front Desk before check-in date
  • Remittance full amount plus deposit before check-in date.
Room Package Includes:
  • Three meals free (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • All items can only be transferred into the room, cannot be transfer out from the room. (All transfer items must deliver to Front Desk on first floor)
  • Room services and purchase services available, a service fee may apply.
  • Unlimited water bottle
  • Front Desk daily 2 times greetings to record body temperature & the choice of the next day meal
  • Free 75% alcohol for disinfection and a thermometer are provided.
Services not provided:
  • There is no in-room cleaning during the stay, the hotel will provide new amenities and linens for guests to change.
  • Laundry service is not provided during the stay (personal clothing need to be hand-washed or guest can prepare disposable clothing)
  • All rooms are Non-smoking rooms.
Passengers should strictly follow the following procedures:
After arriving Taiwan:    Airport Landing     –>   Airport Quarantine Control    –>    Special Anti-Epidemic Taxi     –>    please drive to Papersun Hotel (No. 10, Ln. 48, Fude Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111)   –>    Dial +886 2-2881-7588 #9 to Front Desk when getting off the highway:    –>     Be sure to wear a mask when getting off the car     –>     Receptionist will be waiting, measure guest’s temperature and disinfect their hands & luggage     –>     After informing room number to the guest, guest will take the elevator to room by oneself.     –>     Fill in all document on tables, take pictures and send it to Hotel’s EMAIL, LINE account, message.
All hotel regulations and standard of procedures are planned in accordance with government regulations.
Thank you for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.